Nov 14, 2011

Vietnam - About building hydro-power plants in national park, killing wild birds, fake Ph.D diplomas, Vietnam's first Tourism Ambassador...


jkajala@smu... wrote:
Cat Tien National Park is unique in many ways and cannot be replaced. I've been in Nam Cat Tien and I hope I have chance to visit there again in future. If nothing else matters, don't they understand how badly this will affect Vietnam's face overseas? What do you think foreign tourists will think about Vietnam when they hear Vietnam authorities are destroying UNESCO world heritage forests? Think about it.

trungtandg@... wrote:
Why don't the local authorities and investors care bout impacts on the environment and poor people? May be special benefits behind these projects .This question should be answered by relevant agencies.

tkraja@... wrote:
There are several "fake universities" operating in countries such as the USA, the UK, Russia, France, etc. They are not accredited in their own countries. They are cheating the people in the name joint-programs in developing countries, including Vietnam. Vietnamese Universities and junior colleges should be careful and check the genuineness of the foreign universities before paying money.

Through out the world fake PhDs are a problem. The quality of the PhD should be rated based on the research papers published out of the thesis in peer-reviewed international journals. The impact factor of the journals should also be taken into account. It is not difficult to find out fake PhDs. If anybody needs any help please contact me at I was a Visiting Professor twice at International University, HCM City. Prof T.K.Raja, India.

bachcuc14@... wrote:
I don't think this person is eligible for a very important position like this, for Vietnam as well as for Vietnamese. There are no reasons because she is likely to be able to speaking English and a little bit good looking. Please think again!

saigonsam7@... wrote:
Is there any evidence that even a single person choses to visit a country because of who there tourism ambassador was? This is such a ridicules controversy that I assume it is being manufactured by the newspapers in order to put her pictures online and get more page clicks. If the tourism operators really want to help tourism in Vietnam, they should offer better service, guides, pick up their garbage, and work with local police to reduce crimes committed against tourists.

grimacepug@... wrote:
I urge Prime Minister Bong to not approve the use of GMO. Independent studies have proven that it is highly dangerous. Please Google it if you don't believe.

nut063@... wrote:
Now I know why I saw very few wild birds when touring Vietnam. This is a terrible thing to do to make money.

mydung6283@... wrote:
This bridge is a common place for all Hanoians. In Hanoi, there is no need urgently for a museum. In priority, we need to renovate hospitals, schools, etc. The Long Bien Bridge should be renovated and used as a bridge with pedestrian ways, and maybe a public space for all people, but for sure not an expensive and unrealistic museum, which is just for only a few people.

lantourguide@... wrote:
Halong Bay, I love you! Halong Bay, I voted you!  You are so wonderful beyond words. With a thousand and more islets above the blue, of the most beautiful sea, I am among you and you are in my heart.

herbyneubacherconsultancy@... wrote:
This situation is lingering on for years and all the well meaning efforts to stabilize the situation of the fish farmers, like minimum prices and price guarantees, did not work at all. They are killed by the ill will of an industry and export community that is up to now, still not ready to learn that their fate is linked tightly to the fate of the farmer.

They say for the right in the international aquaculture business: "If the farmer coughs the industry suffers from pneumonia." It needs a well off farmer who is ready to re-invest that means re-stock his ponds every year to make the industry run at full successful speed. And it is the task of the industry - all of them who process and who export - to keep the farmer in this position to enjoy a stable, long lasting or - as the mode term says - truly "sustainable" business. The farmer’s fate is and must become everyone’s business.

hongt.nhan@... wrote:
I got a ECPE 10 years ago, later trained for TESOL. Ironically, I have gone through many interviews, and those unable to pass a B2 CEF snubbed their noses at my certificate.

Snapshot9@... wrote:
To create a brand name it takes time and effort, something that unfortunately the Vietnamese do not have in their mentality. I have constant proof of this attitude. Everything seems to be dictated by the here and now. When it comes to think about the future, plant the seed today to see the fruits in the future... It's simply impossible in today's culture. Vietnamese companies are on the wrong path of imitation and copy, with very little originality.

tkraja@... wrote:
I was very saddened to learn that there are HIV infected children in Vietnam. The Vietnamese government should formulate a policy to save these children by giving proper treatment. There are effective medicines available in the world.

Foreigners struggle for motorbike driving licenses in Vietnam

ade22@... wrote:
Everyday Vietnamese people walk aimlessly across the road pushing their bikes. Other motorists never look or use their indicator when turning. Vietnam has no traffic laws, except when the traffic police need to fill their pockets!

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