Mar 9, 2012

Vietnam - The 9X playboys

VietNamNet Bridge – The only requirement for students to join the “young lord” community, i.e. the world of playboys born in 1990s, called the “9X generation,” is that they must have a lot of money and spend money like water. 

“The Luong’s hair style”

The birthday parties through the night have become very popular among the 9X generation students. The parties are not simply organized to celebrate the birthday of the owners, but also serve as the occasion for them to show off their “upper class” in the society.

Birthday cake has become no longer in fashion. The main part of every birthday parties nowadays is the vibrant music, with shouts, “wild dances” which creates a “hot atmosphere.”

NT Thanh from the Thanh Do University said that she once had the chance to attend such a birthday party. In fact, only the “big cheeses” with much money could obtain an invitation ticket. “I am not rich, but I still could go to the party, because I have been his close friends since the childhood,” Thanh explained.

“The birthday party of a rich young man is really different from the party of a normal student,” Thanh commented. All the participants at the party did not follow a normal way to introduce themselves. They did not say where they were from, but they only talked about the money of their parents.

“My friend is well known as a “small boss”, because he is the son of a big owner of a grocery store in Hoai Duc district in Hanoi,” she said.

NTLuong, who has just graduated from the Hanoi Culture University, is also a well known name. She has been well-known not only because she is rich, but because she has a very special hair, showing her strong personality.

Because of the hair, Luong has a nick name “Luong doll”. In fact, Luong’s hair is a popular style in the teenagers’ community, and a lot of students of the culture school also have the same hair style. However, only Luong has become famous, simply because she is rich. 

“Everything used by playboys would catch the special attention from the community,” Thu, also a culture university’s student explained.

“Therefore, if we see someone with the same hair style, we would say that this is the “Luong’s hair style.”

The “Hanoi’s playboys.”

“When you have money, you will have the right to do everything,” this is a popular saying among the students.

Sharing pictures of their houses or rooms on Facebook to show their fortune is now in fashion. 

VKien is considered one of the most attractive boys of the FPT University. He now lives in a house in the central area of Hanoi with well equipped facilities. The life of the student from Hai Duong province is the dream of many other students.

Being an information technology student, Kien has set up a website of his own, where he usually posts the images taken from his trips with the special captions, like “the projection room is smaller than… my kitchen”.

Like Kien, Chi Lam from the Civil Construction Junior College, also likes to show off his upper class everywhere.

The big payment invoices are the way that Lam uses to show his richness. Lam wants everybody know that Lam is a Hanoi’s playboy, and that Lam is the name which is indispensable in the “Hanoi’s young lord community.

As the big lords spend much time and money to show off their upper class, they do not have time for learning. Kien’s name always can be found in the list of the students who have to retake. Meanwhile, Chi Lam name has been added into the “black list” of the school for different counts.

Minh Hien

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