Mar 31, 2012

Vietnam - New trend: students get married and go to school at the same time

VietNamNet Bridge – It is a growing tendency that university students get married when they still have to go to school.

Most of the students are third year or fourth year students, born in early 1990s. It is the time for them to learn hard and enjoy the life. However, many of them decide to follow another way. They get married to become wives and the mothers-students.

The office management class of the Thanh Do University has become more well-known among students as the class which has many members getting married. The monitor of the class said that the class’ fund would have to spend much money in 2012 on the foreseen wedding parties.

Two members of the class got married last year, while some others are preparing for their weddings.

Nguyen Thi Hong Tham, born in 1990, is now the third year student of the school, got married in November 2011. Right after the wedding, Tham has returned to her normal life. Her husband is working in Son La province, while Tham is staying in Hanoi to follow the university study. Especially, Tham shares the same rent room with other classmates.

La Thi Khuyen, a classmate of Tham, born in 1991, just organized the wedding some days ago. Khuyen said her husband has a job as a designer in Lao Cai province. Meanwhile, Khuyen needs to keep studying, trying to obtain the university degree, while she does not intend to give up school or have baby right now.

“Four other female students would organize weddings in 2012,” said Vu Thi Lan, a student of the same class.

Unlike Khuyen and Tham, who vowed to obtain university degree before having babies, Tao Thi Thuy Tien, born in 1990, a student of the Da Nang Economics University, expects a baby in May 2012. However, the young mother still has flippant manner like many other single students.

She has affirmed that the marriage would not influence her plan to follow university education. Though she now is a little tired in the pregnancy period, she still follow the internship and prepare for the graduation exams.

The world of the married students

Though the students still go to school every day like many other students, their lives have been upset because of the too many duties they have to fulfill. 

As students, they do not have to take jobs to earn their living, while they can live on the parents’ money. Meanwhile, after getting married, they not only have to spend time on studying, but also have to think about how to earn money.

“My main duty now is keeping studying. However, a lot of problems have arisen which I could not imagine before,” Tham said.

Lan, a Tham’s classmate, has also noted that Tham and Khuyen now have more problems to think about, while they cannot spend their time with friends any more.

“I now have to think twice before spending money. I cannot learn well as before. Sometimes I stay late at night and could not believe that I got married already,” Tham added.

Tien said that she does not have to take a job to earn money, but she also has her problems. Therefore, sometimes she feels regret that she got married too soon. It was because she wanted to satisfy the parents, who wanted to have grandchildren in 2012, the year of Dragon. Meanwhile, her mother, who suffers from heart disease, wanted to see the daughter get married soon.

Source: VTC

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