May 2, 2012

Singapore - Even money matters to pre-schoolers

YOU are never too young to learn about money in Singapore.

A trio have set up a programme, Kindernomics, for preschoolers to learn about economics and the way the world works, reported The Straits Times.

The three friends, Chan Yun Cheong, 34, Janet Chia, 33, and K.H. Yeo, 28, are all single and passionate about imparting the economic ways of the world to young ones.

Mr Chan has an MBA from Cornell and has worked in New York and London, Ms Chia has a masters in applied finance from Singapore Management University and Mr Yeo graduated with a first-class honours from the University of New South Wales and has worked in financial services company, Boston Consulting Group.

Ms Chia told Straits Times that the programme teaches financial literacy as well as prepares children with necessary life skills for their future.

Weekly classes for four to six-year-olds at the centre located in Forum shopping mall will cost $550 for a 10-lesson term. Each class lasts 90 minutes and has 12 students per group.

Their website also promises that the group teaches children "to equip themselves with the necessary math, English language and life skills to successfully prepare for school and beyond."

According to The Straits Times, Kindernomics uses interactive e-books and has even designed its own automated teller machine for the children called 'Kinderbank'.

The purpose is to teach the children about money. Mr Chan told The Straits Times that it helps to demonstrate that ATMs are not a free money machine.

It also helps to show the practical experience of saving and the value of money.

However, not all programmes are about money.

Parents can also send their four to seven-year-olds for one-off camps that costs $280.

A recent camp taught children about natural resources and their importance as well as how they can be conserved. The camp had a turnout of about 70 children.

A parent whose child attends Kindernomics told the The Straits Times that her child was taught about recycling by making new paper out of old newspapers and using them for party invitations.

The founders of Kindernomics also said that they are keen to expand in the region and that an education player from India has already expressed interest in their programme.


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