Oct 15, 2012

Singapore - Nine new bills introduced in Parliament

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SINGAPORE: Nine government bills were introduced in Parliament on Monday.

Proposed key amendments to the Misuse of Drugs Act aim to better protect the young.

The changes will also provide for a community rehabilitation centre for young abusers.

It proposes stiffer penalties for drug dealers who sell to or recruit the young and vulnerable.

It also aims to criminalise the organisation of drug gatherings.

The changes will also empower law enforcement officers to obtain hair samples to enhance detection and deterrence.

Changes are also being proposed for the Penal Code and Criminal Procedure Code.

This is to ensure an automatic process of appeal for cases where the death sentence has been meted out.

The law will be amended for cases where killing was not intentional.

It will give the court the discretion to sentence the accused to death or life imprisonment.

Amendments to the Casino Control Act were also introduced.

Changes include taking into account the operators' abilities to maintain and develop their non-gaming components when deciding whether to grant or renew their casino licences.

Casino marketing arrangements involving Singapore citizens or permanent residents will be prohibited.

There could also be a limit on the number of times a financially vulnerable person can visit the casinos.

On the financial side, changes aiming to increase safeguards for the investing public were proposed to the Securities and Futures Act and the Financial Advisers Act.

For example, providers of investment products are now obliged to classify investment products according to their complexity.

Information given to investors will also be further regulated to be clearer and simpler.

The proposals will also widen the scope of provision on false and misleading statements made by financial advisors.

Amendments to the Income Tax Act, GST Voucher Fund Act and Road Traffic Act were also tabled for the first reading.

- CNA/xq

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