Oct 13, 2012

Vietnam - Mobile brands look to get moving

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The fate of some Vietnamese mobile phone brands is in the stars.

First Vietnamese cell phone brands like Q-Mobile, FPT Mobile, Gionee or Bavapen appeared in the Vietnamese market from 2006, with up-to-date features to pursue a strategy to become top market players.

However, the marketplace is often tough where selection and elimination is a necessity and the number of Vietnamese mobile brands still running remains modest on the back of global leading brands like Nokia, Samsung, Sony and LG in the home market.

However, Q-Mobile is one brand to sustain it mobile brand.

After its breakthrough design models came into the market like Q-Mobile KIM and Q-Mobile SHY, Q-Mobile continued rolling out the Q-Smart branded smart-phone.

This includes Q-Smart S1, Q-Smart S12, Q-Smart S15, Q-Smart S18 and Q-Smart S22. For instance, Q-Smart S1 features stylish design with 3.2-inch inductive touch-screens, wifi connections and 1GHz processors smoothly running on Android 2.3.6. management system.

However, Q-Smart S15 resembles a standard smartphone with four-inch touch-screen, 1GHz processor, front-facing and back cameras, 512MB ROM memory. 256 MB RAM, two SIM cards two frequency brands, wifi connection and also includes 3G version.

More importantly, both Q-Smart S1 and S15 models offer competitive prices affordable to most consumers.

These upscale models pave the way for Q-Mobile to consolidate position in the market. An Binh Telecom, the owner of Q-Mobile brand, reportedly pursued the target of placing Q-Smart among top three brands in smartphone segment in Vietnam in 2013.

Business director Dinh Anh Huan at Thegioididong.com, a leading mobile phone and digital equipment supermarket system in Vietnam, said “For a steady development of Vietnamese mobile phone brands, firms need strong finance, do a smart job with brand promotion, invest intensively in software to create differences while strictly controlling hardware quality.”

Thu Trang | vir.com.vn

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