Oct 24, 2012

Vietnam - The students, who respond to teachers with deaths

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VietNamNet Bridge – The public has been stunned by the news that a student ripped her hand with a razor blade to express her disagreement against the teacher, and another student committed suicide just because she accidentally lost money.

The deaths of the students have raised worries among parents and educators that students nowadays are prone to injury and that their “resistance” against the troubles in their lives is too weak.

TY, a 11th grader of the Tran Ky Phong High School in Quang Ngai province ripped her hand with a razor blade in a lesson just because she disagreed with the teaching method of the biology teacher, and feared that her reaction influenced the classmates (the teacher refused to give extra lessons to the classmates because of the disagreement with Y).

CT, a student of the Trung Lap Secondary School in Cu Chi district in HCM City committed suicide because she lost the class’ fund worth 600,000 dong. T, who feared that the classmates would laugh at her, and parents would scold her noisily, decided to kill herself.

Prior to that, in early 2012, a female student in Thai Binh province also committed suicide after she was scolded by the teacher. Some months later, three seventh graders in Dak Nong ended their lives because of the suspected reason that they lost the lesson report.

Many others reportedly tried to put an end to their lives just because of the conflicts with friends, the arising troubles and any other problems.

Nguyen Hoang Khac Hieu, MA, from the HCM City University of Education, said that students kill themselves just because of the minor troubles because they lack the skills of encountering difficulties in their lives and dealing with problems. As a result, they fall into desperation and cannot escape from the desperation themselves.

“Students can absolutely encounter their problems if the adults show them the way. However, in these cases, they did not receive the support from the adults,” Hieu said.

“We should think carefully about why students receive so much knowledge a day, but they still do not have the basic skills needed for their lives?” he questioned.

Educators have agreed with Hieu that children have been brought up in “glass cages”. They only eat, sleep and learn, while they do not have time to go out to see what happen in the world. At well off families, girls cannot prepare meals, or do house works because their parents take the jobs to keep their children busy with learning.

Nguyen Thanh Nhan from the Asia Pacific Young Talent Training Center said on Dan tri newspaper has also noted that students nowadays lack live skills, while they have no one to share their thoughts. Therefore, they have to settle their problems themselves, and one of the ways of settling problems is putting an end to their lives.

Nhan also said that a lot of children now do not have the capability of accepting defeats because they are not shown how to escape their failures.

There’s a noteworthy thing--is that the majority of the suicide cases were committed by female students and good students. Explaining this, Hieu said that girls are always sensitive and they are more vulnerable than boys. Therefore, girls seem to think about the deaths more regularly than boys, even though the percentage of successful suicide commitments among boys is higher.

Hieu has also noted that good and obedient students always nurse a complex about their mistakes. Therefore, they would think of killing themselves just after receiving scolding from teachers or parents.

Compiled by Thu Uyen

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