Nov 12, 2012

Thailand - Thailand Stock Exchange Preview: Thai-German, BTS Group, Raimon Land

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Economist and Hedge Fund Manager Shayne Heffernan of takes a look at the Thailand Stock Exchange

The Thailand Stock Exchange finished the week 1.2% lower, no surprise though as Thailand has been the leading ASEAN Exchange this year up a total of 25.9% for the year. Investors in Thailand need to be cautious for now as there are ongoing problems in Europe and the USA that have the ability to create a sharp sell off.

Deleveraging in Europe and the US Fiscal Cliff will at some point in the coming months create Rally’s and Dips so it is ideal for traders.

For the Thailand Stock Exchange I advise you seek value, Low PE and good sectors are key, never buy a stock you do not have a long term positive outlook on, always keep in mind value.

Q3 was tough on Thai Exports, exports declined by 1.13 per cent compared to the same period last year, but there is some big news, Toyota plan to make 1m Cars per annum in Thailand.

The Auto Sector is the second most important industry for economic growth in any Country, and Thailand has excelled in that sector, long term Thailand still looks good. Auto manufacturing has an above average multiplier effect. For every one auto manufacturing job, there are 4-6 jobs outside of that segment that are related.

Automotive manufacturing has enormous reach touching every part of the country, employment in automotive and automotive parts manufacturing ranks among the top three manufacturing industries.

Despite a global slowdown Thailand will still record growth of between 4.5% and 6% depending who you ask, I think it will be closer to 6% as a result of the wage hikes and a recovery in food prices.

ASEAN Markets as at Close Friday

Change on day

Market Current Prev Close Pct Move
TR SE Asia Index* 415.14 412.98 +0.52
Singapore 3009.56 3012.25 -0.09
Kuala Lumpur 1641.08 1641.07 0.00
Bangkok 1290.83 1293.70 -0.22
Jakarta 4333.64 4327.87 +0.13
Manila 5468.79 5446.71 +0.41
Ho Chi Minh 386.71 385.60 +0.29

Change on year

Market Current End prev yr Pct Move
TR SE Asia Index* 415.14 346.30 +19.88
Singapore 3009.56 2646.35 +13.72
Kuala Lumpur 1641.08 1530.73 +7.21
Bangkok 1290.83 1025.32 +25.90
Jakarta 4333.64 3821.99 +13.39
Manila 5468.79 4371.96 +25.09
Ho Chi Minh 386.71 351.55 +10.00

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