Nov 17, 2012

Vietnam - China made tablet PCs flooding Vietnamese market

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VietNamNet Bridge – Vietnamese hi-tech product distributors have been actively advertising for China-made tablets, because the products can bring super-profit to them.

Every Chinese tablet is sold in Vietnam at the price double the original price. Meanwhile, manufacturers can also rifle consumers’ pockets by “fabricating” the features of the products.

A dealer has revealed that a Chinese tablet could be bought at 1.3-1.8 million dong, while wholesale buyers can enjoy the discount rate of 200,000-500,000 dong per product. Meanwhile, they can re-sell the products in Vietnam at the sky-high price levels.

A Hipad Mid A13 has the quoted price at 1.55 million dong in Vietnam. Meanwhile, the products have been available on at 30-45 dollars, or 600,000-900,000 dong.

An Ondan V971 which is offered on at 150-190 dollars, have been available at Vietnamese shops at 4.8 million dong. An Ampe A85 is sold at 3.3 million dong in Vietnam, while the cost price is just 71-82 dollars for the order of 500 products.

As such, every Chinese tablet in Vietnam is twice as expensive as in China. This allows dealers earning fat profits of hundreds of thousands of dong or one million dong for every product sold in Vietnam.

Chinese tablets have been flooding the Vietnamese market. These include the products bearing Chinese own brands such as Teclast, Onda or Ampe and the counterfeit products bearing foreign well-known brands. Of course, no one knows the information about the manufacturers.

Ben, a well-known Chinese electronics dealer, who has been providing products to big computer shops in Hai Phong, Hanoi and Bac Giang province, affirmed that Chinese manufacturers can provide any products demanded by clients, from low cost to expensive products, from Chinese brand goods to counterfeit iPads.

Ben also said that “Chinese products are so cheap that they can bring profits to everyone.” A lot of Vietnamese companies have been set up as tablet distribution companies, which import Chinese tablets, then give the products Vietnamese brands and sell on the market as Vietnamese products.

A Vietnamese tablet brand has launched MD 803 model which is believed to be 100 percent similar to a model of Chinese KNC (8 inch, Allwinner chip, A13, RAM 512MB, 8GB memory).

On Alibaba, the product has been sold at 83 dollars. Meanwhile, in Vietnam it is priced at 4.6 million dong.

Momo tablets bearing a Vietnamese brand have been found as similar to Chinese Momo 9 (7 inch). The information about the Chinese product can be found on a big Vietnamese technology forum. The only difference between the Vietnamese and Chinese products lies in the camera: the Vietnamese model has one megapixel camera, while the Chinese one 1.3.

Momo 9 has been sold at 91-100 dollars on Alibaba, while Vietnamese Momo at 2.48 million dong.

When asked about the model, an officer of a computer shop said that the company’s factory is set up in China, but the design, branding and sale have been untaken by the headquarters in Vietnam.

According to Nguyen Viet Anh, a tablet dealer, there are four factors that decide the production cost of tablets. The first three ones are the screen, chip and 3G feature, the information about which can be easily found. Meanwhile, the information about the fourth factor – circuit board – can only be found if “taking apart the products.”


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