Nov 19, 2012

Vietnam - Education department refuses the “products” of education system

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VietNamNet Bridge – The Vinh Phuc provincial Education and Training Department has refused to recruit the graduates from the Hung Vuong University, Tay Bac University, the non-pedagogical training courses of the Hanoi University of Education.

The notice by the Vinh Phuc provincial Education and Training Department clearly says that the candidates who graduate from the above said schools would not be accepted when the department recruits civil servants.

The information has stunned hundreds of students in Vinh Phuc province, who graduate from the mentioned schools. However, the more serious problem is that the schools in the national education system have been refused by the education department, a unit of the education sector.

On November 13, a lot of students graduating from the Hung Vuong and Tay Bac Universities gathered in front of the Vinh Phuc provincial Education and Training Department, requesting the department officials to give reasonable explanations about the decision.

However, they could not meet the leaders of the department, who were reportedly away for the meetings. Meanwhile, other officials simply said that the department’s regulations must be respected.

The students have petitioned to the Vinh Phuc provincial education department and Vinh Phuc Department of Interior Affairs, but they have not got any replies so far.

Tran Thi Thu H, who has graduated the Hanoi University of Education, stressed that the local education department has made an unreasonable decision, because all the schools in Vietnam can only operate in the country after they get the licenses from competent agencies. Therefore, their products must be recognized all over the country.

The education department did not explain why it refused the graduates from the above said schools. However, people understand that the students from private universities are believed to have lower qualifications than state owned schools. Therefore, employers tend to refuse private school graduates.

Nguyen Van Thuyet, a graduate of the Hung Vuong University, said this is for the second time he is refused by the education department.

Thuyet said the education is wrong when keeping a preconception about the low qualification of Hung Vuong University’s graduates.

“They need to test us to find out our capability. They should not say the same for everybody,” Thuyet said.

H said she cannot understand why the Vinh Phuc education department refuses the graduates from non-pedagogical majors of the Hanoi University of Education. This is one of the most prestigious schools in Vietnam, which has been focusing on training teachers to provide to the schools all over the country. Besides, it has also been training the graduates with university degree (no pedagogical qualification) under non-pedagogical training system.

Nguyen Thi T from the Hung Vuong University sighed when she was told that she was not the candidate the education department wanted.

T said she would have to return to the Vinh Yen High School in Vinh Yen City, where she has been working as a teacher for one year. However, she has been working there under the short term labor contract. T feels anxious about her job, since the contract gets expired in some more months.

Hong, who was seen in front of the Vinh Phuc education department, complained that she has to do the fieldworks for the last year, though she graduated the Hung Vuong University.

“We live in Vinh Phuc and I want a job in Vinh Phuc. What should I do now, if the local education department also refuses me?” T said.


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