Nov 8, 2012

Vietnam - Safe vegetable project not welcomed

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VietNamNet Bridge – The clean vegetable cultivation technology invented by Associate Prof Dr Ho Huu An has not been utilized in reality, because competent agencies have not given the “go-ahead” for the project.

“I would not feel regret if I have to die now. But I will not have peace of mind if my clean vegetable cultivation technology remains half finished. I feel guilty if the modern technology cannot be applied to help farmers improve their production,” said Dr An, who is now in a hospital bed.

An said that the project on clean vegetable cultivation has brought great success, but also brought bitterness.

The vegetable cultivation scheme invented by Dr An has been found as having great advantages. It does not need soil to grow vegetables. Meanwhile, the technology can generate the vegetables free of heavy metals, toxic substances and microorganisms existing in land and chemical fertilizer.

The new cultivation method does not take people much time to take care for vegetables. Especially, growers can shorten the cultivation time and have higher productivity. With so many big advantages, it’s clear that the new solution is superior to the traditional method.

The scheme was put into application in 2003, developed a from a scientific research work funded by the Ministry of Science and Technology. However, the project has been “kept in oblivion” over the last 10 years, while farmers continue growing vegetables on soil and consumers keep complaining about the safety of vegetables.

Dr An said he cannot understand why the project cannot catch the notice from competent agencies. “In general, a project would be neglected if it is unfeasible, or because of the capital shortage. Meanwhile, in this case, the new scheme is expected to bring big benefits to farmers and consumers as well,” An said.

“The project was licensed. The capital arrangement is not a problem. However, the advanced method still cannot be utilized. Relevant ministries, including the Ministries of Science and Technology, Agriculture and Rural Development, still keep quiet about the solution,” he continued.

In order to invent the clean vegetable cultivation technology, An said he had to do research and buy equipment from the US with his own money. He also had to spend money to build a laboratory for the implementation of the project, from which the clean vegetable cultivation mechanism came out.

In 2003, An’s research work was chosen as a national project funded by the State with the initial allocated budget of two billion dong. After that, An signed a lot of technology transfer contracts with institutions and individuals worth hundreds of billons of dong in total.

At Techmart ASEAN + 3 in 2009 alone, a memorandum of understanding was signed with a partner which had the total value of 74 billion dong.

However, An said after the contracts and memorandum of understanding on technology transfer were signed, the project has fallen into deadlock.

“I sent letters to relevant ministries and branches, but they have never replied,” An said, expressing his disappointment.

Dr An, former Lecturer of the Hanoi University of Agriculture, has been well- known in Vietnam as the person who created green cauliflower and brought it into Vietnam for cultivation in 1981.

This kind of vegetable has become a favorite by Vietnamese people. However, it took the scientist 20 years and a lot of money to develop the vegetable in Vietnam. The vegetable once faced the indifference from farmers and consumers before it became so famous.

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