Nov 29, 2012

Vietnam - The tragedies of the children from rich families

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VietNamNet Bridge – A lot of children feel they are so unlucky just because they were born into rich families, where parents are too busy to take care of them.

T, director of an import-export company in HCM City, had always taken pride of the son until the day his wife called him and informed the son left the home and got addicted.

His son was an excellent student and obedient boy. Therefore, T felt secure about the future of the son. He believed that the only thing he needed to do is to work harder and earn more money to ensure a bright future for the son.

A working day of T lasts 14-16 hours. Three years ago, the man decided to make investment in the Cambodian market. Since then, T has been living far from home and he only returns to see his wife and the son when he needed to go on business to Vietnam

The members of his family all were busy. While he was away in Cambodia to take care for his investment project, his wife was busy at her work and the son was busy with his school works at an international school. The boy was given the “power” to decide everything relating to his study and daily life.

If he needed money, he could freely take the money left in the wardrobe by the parents, as much as he wanted.

Since the day he started business in Cambodia, the boy lived with the mother. As his wife was also busy with her work, she did not have time to take care for the son. She only had time to repeatedly ask the boy to learn hard and obtain high learning achievements and go abroad following the university education.

As the boy was given too much freedom, he could do everything he wanted, including making friends with bad people. The mother only realized the truth when the boy left home and got addicted. She immediately called her husband, asking him to return to deal with the naughty boy.

T and his wife regularly have arguments about the son, blaming each other on the current situation of the boy. T admitted that since he was away from home, he had not talked to the son and asked about his learning. Every time when he returned to Vietnam, he only met the boy several times, mostly to give him money to “cover his basic needs.”

“I remember that sometimes I called him once every several months. Sometimes I promised to call him when I finish working, but I later forgot the promise,” he said.

The one-day obedient boy has become a naughty child. He only gets home when he runs out of money and needs the “financial support” from parents. If the parents refuse to give money to force him to stay at home, the boy would sell the assets in the house for money, or threatened they would commit suicide.

An educator said he was so shocked when reading the notebook of a student of a school in Phu Nhuan district in HCM city. The student wrote that she and her friends many times thought of committing suicide because their parents did not have time to talk to them and share ideas with them.

“My parents have never asked me about my learning. I really don’t want to return home after the school hours, because I feel lonely at my home,” the diary of an eighth grader, an excellent student from well off family, who goes to school every day by car.


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