Nov 10, 2012

Vietnam - Vietnamese celebrate Obama’s victory

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VietNamNet Bridge - "My God! Obama won, Obama is number one," "Obama won, congratulations," or "Congratulation Obama, congratulation those who embrace peace" ... Greeting statuses appeared on online forums of Vietnamese people at noon of November 7.

Barack Obama was re-elected for another four-year term. The chase of votes between Obama and Romney was televised live around the world, including Vietnam.

Following the dramatic race to the White House from the distant America, Obama's supporters in Vietnam also burst with joy when their "Idol" beat his opponent. On online forums, Obama is considered the representative for peace while Romney is war. And "peace clearly wins the war."

“Who love peace, let’s vote for Obama, who like the war would vote for Romney. I prefer Obama than Romney," wrote Lynx_8x. Sharing the view, nicknamed vip_38 wrote: "I still like to spend money for science and education rather than war. Congratulations Mr. Obama."

On many forums, topics entitled "Mr. Obama wins" attracted a lot of people.

On Facebook, Obama greeting lines were constantly updated with happy feelings: "My God! Obama won! Obama is the number one," "Obama won, congratulations" or "Congratulations Obama, congratulations those who favor peace". Below these status lines are comments about the election.

Some people called Obama with the name of intimacy "Mr. O" and made up jokes, for example. "Mr. O has just called me but I was too busy to listen to the call. A moments later he texted me “I was elected the president! Yeah I know and the whole world knows but he thought that I did not know", nickname Nguyen Dong wrote on his blog.

Many people expressed their emotions before the convincing victory of the black president. "Four years ago I was in tears when I read his touching speech. Four years have passed; though Obama may not be perfect, he could not realize some of the things he had promised but he is still a great man in all aspects," Boss_Kim commented and posted Obama's inauguration speech on his blog.
The greetings are shared on Facebook.

However, changes in the election took place so quickly that many people could not update. "The election has finished? I thought it would last all week, " linhvu questioned.

Before answering this question, some people “criticized” the one who raised the question as a person who is "not interested in the situation."

Nickname K9 explained: "The election is unfinished but obviously Obama has won. There are a total of 538 votes while he currently has 278. In fact, only 270 are enough for him to become the president. The results of 2 or 3 states are unpublished yet but it does not matter anymore."

Nicknamed huynghia92 said: "Actually, the state of Alaska will announce the results at 1pm! But that state has only three votes so it is not very important! Generally, Obama has won convincingly."

Nicknamed cnk01 commented: "Obama makes Romney shock when he wins in the Republican home state - Michigan."

Meanwhile, fans of Romney also "weakly" appeared on forums. "Why Romney won in big states but Obama won in small states?" Blackdragonk101 wrote. This question is explained by lazytomcat: "Big states, but with small populations. The population is more important."

As soon as the voting ends, the American people and the world's people who support Obama celebrated. Despite the sluggish economic constraints and a high unemployment rate, Barack Obama has made historic victory, being re-elected as the U.S. president.

Compiled by Na Son

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