Nov 22, 2012

Vietnam - Vote of confidence for President, PM to be conducted from 2013

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VietNamNet Bridge - In the first National Assembly session in 2013, the National Assembly will conduct the vote of confidence for the positions such as the President, the National Assembly Chair, the Prime Minister and others.

On the morning of November 21, the Congress passed a resolution on the vote of confidence for the positions elected or approved by the National Assembly and People's Councils, with 95.1 percent of yes.

Accordingly, the leadership positions as President, Vice President, Chair and Vice Chairs of the National Assembly, Chair of the Ethnic Group Council, Chairs of the National Assembly’s specialized committees, members of the National Assembly Standing Committee, the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Ministers, Ministers and other cabinet members, the President of the People's Supreme Court, the Head of the People's Supreme Procuracy, and the State Auditor General are the subjects to the vote of confidence.

The People's Council will conduct the vote of confidence for Chairs and Vice Chairs of the People's Council and the People’s Committee, permanent members of the People's Council and the People’s Committee and other members of the People’s Committee.

According to the resolution, the vote of confidence aims to explore the degree of confidence on senior officials to provide a basis for evaluation and use of cadres of competent organizations.

The vote of confidence expresses the trust or not trust of the National Assembly and the People’s Council on senior officials and this is the basis for dismissing officials who do not win the National Assembly and the People's Council credibility.

The Congress will get the vote of confidence by secret ballots. On the ballots are the full name and position of the subject of the vote of confidence, with three levels of evaluation: "high confidence", "confidence", and "low confidence".

The persons with more than half of the ballots with "low confidence" may resign. For those with more than two-thirds of the votes of "low confidence" or over half of the ballots of "low confidence" for two consecutive years, the National Assembly Standing Committee and the People's Council of People's will consider of dismissal.

This resolution takes effect from February 2013.

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