Dec 4, 2012

Vietnam - Hanoi fails to meet 10 eco-social growth targets

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Hanoi has failed to achieve ten out of its 15 targets for the 2012 eco-social development plan, Ngo Thi Doan Thanh, chairwoman of the municipal People’s Council, said at the city’s sixth meeting session on Monday.

The capital city’s economy has posted considerable growth, while the culture, education and health sectors have slightly improved, she said.

“But the municipal People’s Committee only managed to achieve five targets that the People’s Council assigned,” she added.

The capital economy has begun to show weaknesses, and for the first time Hanoi has failed to meet the state budget collection target, after consecutive years of exceeding the targets, the chairwoman said.

Hanoi is expected to post 8.1 percent GDP growth, which is below the target, said deputy chairman of the people’s committee Nguyen Van Suu.

“The unsold inventory stocks remain high; many businesses have ceased operations; the export turnover targets are unachieved; and the social investment growth is still low -- these are all the obstacles to Hanoi’s eco-social development,” he elaborated.

Whose responsibility?

Delegates attending the meeting expressed their concern over the poor results, saying they will severely impact the targets for 2013.

Meanwhile, some delegates said the explanations for the unachieved targets are unacceptable.

“Once you want to set a target, you should carefully consider and analyze all factors to set out an achievable aim,” said Ho Quang Loi, head of the propaganda committee.

“We have set illogical targets, and when they are eventually unachieved, we have myriad reasons to protest. Such a working method should end right now,” he urged.

Nguyen Hoai Nam, head of the legislation of the People’s Council, said the subjective and objective causes of the issue should be clearly indicated.

“It’s very easy to point out the objective causes, but how about the subjective ones?” he said.

“We should focus on responsibility here. We cannot merely say the targets are unreached. Who will be responsible for this? I don’t see anyone being punished for the unachieved targets.”


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