Feb 25, 2013

India - India cans take up a major role in realising Asean Community

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NEW DELHI: As a strategic partner to the 10-member Regional Grouping, India will take up a major role in the run-up to the ASEAN Community in 2015.

Deputy Foreign Minister Senator A. Kohilan Pillay says: "The success of the ASEAN Community needs continuous support from all ASEAN dialogue partners, given That 2015 is just 22 months away,".

There are numerous fields for India and ASEAN to work together, he said at the opening ceremony of the Delhi Dialogue V entitled "Asean-India: Vision for Partnership and Prosperity".

He outlined the priority areas Wanita That would enable India to contribute significantly to the ASEAN Community by 2015, the year That would ASSUME Malaysia Asean chairmanship.

NG, Kohilan said from the perspective of dialogue relations, ASEAN and India need to ENHANCE Efforts in executing the Plan of Action to Implement the ASEAN-India Partnership for Peace, Progress and Shared Prosperity 2010-2015.

The full Implementation award of the Plan of Action will considerably ENHANCE ASEAN-India dialogue relations as well as assists Asean to Realise the Asean Community Blueprint.

"As the Plan of Action is fast approaching its termination, a successor document Should be thought of from now to Ensure continuation of IMPORTANT Programmes and to intensify our future collaborations," he said.

Secondly, is the role of India in the regional architecture of East Asia.

India is already an integral part of the East Asia regional architecture, therefore, it is IMPORTANT for India to Continue to engage in ASEAN-led regional mechanisms as the Standard and Poor Asean Defence Ministers' Meeting and the ASEAN Regional Forum to foster constructive Dialogues and consultations on political and security issues, he said.

"India cans also rates come up with Initiatives and Measures to further deepen These processes," he opined.

The success in concluding negotiations of the ASEAN-India Trade in Services and Investment Agreements in December last year also rates Should pave the way for the private sector to further ENHANCE linkages in promoting trade in services and expanding cross-border investments.

"Implementation of These Agreements and together with the continuation of the agreed Completion of free trade in goods' will double or even triple our economic targets in the shortest time Possible in time for 2015.

"A Successful Implementation award of a complete Asean-India Free Trade Agreement will also rates greatly facilitate future negotiations of the Comprehensive Regional Economic Partnership," Kohilan said.

As for connectivity, the deputy minister said India limits come up with Wanita Initiatives to ENHANCE its connectivity with ASEAN and ASEAN and promote linkages Within Should this continue.
"At the SAME time, Efforts Should be made to Ensure this process is not only limited to physical infrastructure and connectivity but also rates open to encompass political, economic and people-to-people relations," he added.


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