Feb 2, 2013

Philippines - Growing demand for luxury hotel in Philippines

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MANILA: Tourism to the Philippines is picking up and along with it, the demand for luxury hotels.

The growth of the hotel sector is also fuelling the construction boom in the Philippines.

Two international luxury hotel brands have simultaneously opened in the heart of the Philippines' financial capital Makati.

The 32 all-suite Raffles Makati and the 280-room Fairmont Makati are the latest addition to the growing number of hotel brands that are investing in the country and giving a significant boost to the tourism industry.

Department of Tourism Secretary Ramon Jimenez Jr said: "The Philippines has created such a demand that there is now a lot of optimism among the rivals regarding international and domestic tourism."

Raffles Hotels and Resorts' president John Johnston, said: "There is a huge change now in the Philippines. I think it can be felt and I think that the tourism is going to grow and we are very happy to be a part of that growth."

As the Philippines intensifies its tourism campaign, more and more hotel operators are now investing in the country, creating a hotel construction boom.

With the Philippines aiming to attract 10 million foreign visitors in four years, industry experts said the country's tourism and leisure sector will further fuel its robust real estate market.

A 120-hectare gaming and entertainment complex in the heart of the capital Manila is also driving the demand for more hotels in the country.

Two new hotel and casino resorts will open this year in Entertainment City.

The government hopes the sprawling complex will bring in one million tourists annually.

Michael French, chief operating officer of Solaire Resort & Casino, said: "We are going to grow the size of the market so that is what will happen here in the Philippines and now this offers another destination for those who would like to travel like the game another place to go.

"Philippines is known for its friendly people. The lovely weather that exists here year round is a great draw especially for a lot of the Chinese. It is now another destination that people that like to travel and gamble can add to their list of places to visit."

Last year, visitor arrivals reached a record-high of 4.3 million.

- CNA/fa

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