Feb 23, 2013

Vietnam - The five “hottest” jobs in Vietnam which can bring huge incomes

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VietNamNet Bridge – Taking care of women who have just had childbirth, taking care of patients, repairing shoes and keeping cars and motorbikes have been listed as the “hottest jobs,” because these are easy jobs but can bring high income.

Babysitter earns triple more than a newly graduated physician

A person who takes care of women who just gave birth, can receive up to VND7 million a month. Meanwhile, they can have meals with the host families and don’t have to pay for food.

The pay is three times higher than the monthly salary that a newly graduated physician can receive. One only becomes a physician after spending at least six years of learning at medical schools, while he does not need to experience any training course to take the job of caring for pregnant women.

In general, the women in the central and Central Highlands always require special care mechanism when they give birth. They need someone who can both undertake housework and help them recover after giving birth. In Gia Lai province, this is considered the most profitable job.

Taking care of patients 

Those, who accept to work as freelance nurses at private hospitals, can receive VND9-13 million a month.

Meanwhile, in Vietnam, a person with the monthly income of VND10 million dong would be listed as high income earner. Meanwhile, an immigrant worker in industrial zone can earn some VND3 million dong a month.

They also don’t have to spend time on studying at schools, they just need to have experience and careful. Especially, their market is always very large with the increasingly high demand.

Since patients’ relatives are busy at work all day, they don’t have time to take care for old patients and they need helpers. In general, patients’ families pay VND250,000 for one-day of taking care for patients. Meanwhile, the fee would be higher, about VND300,000 if they have to take care for critically ill people.. Of course, they would have two free meals a day.

Running tea shops: one dong of capital brings four dong of profit

In Vietnam, tea shops are the places where people from different classes in the society go to, from students, office workers or unskilled workers.

The business does not require high investment capital. One just needs to spend several hundreds of thousands of dong to buy some tables and chairs, some cups for tea and some food for light meals.

Analysts said the shop owners can earn up to VND10 million a month, if the shop can enjoy large custom.

Vietnamese would go to tea shop to have a cup of hot tea, if they feel cold. They would go there if they want to learn some information about the real estate or stock prices, because tea shops have been described as the “news agencies” where people exchange information. Therefore, tea shops have been mushrooming continuously.

Repairing shoes for VND1 million a day

In big cities, shoe repairmen are always busy, because the demand is always high. They would pocket VND50,000 after they finish sewing shoes, and VND20,000 if they resole shoes.

However, this is the fees for normal services. Skillful workers would earn much more, especially if they meet rich customers, who want to repair the pairs of branded shoes they buy.

Keeping cars and motorbikes: small changes make big sums of money

This is considered the easiest and the most profitable job. Workers just collect VND3,000 from the service of keeping a motorbike. However, if they provide services to 1.000 clients a day, they would earn VND3 million so quickly and easily.

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