Mar 18, 2013

Vietnam - The policies that take effect on March 15

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VietNamNet Bridge – Those who experienced cosmetic surgeries will not be allowed to participate in beauty pageants; specimens and products made from white rhino, black rhinos and African elephants will be banned from export, import, trading, etc.

The Circular 03/2013/TT-BVHTTDL stipulates that contestants of beauty contests in Vietnam must be Vietnamese citizens, from 18 years or older, have natural beauty. This circular specifies that natural beauty is the beauty that is not created by cosmetic surgeries.

Each beauty contest can have only a jury, consisting of experts in the fields of anthropometry, arts, performing arts, film, photography, sociology ... The licensing agencies, organizers, sponsors are not permitted to participate in the jury of beauty and modeling contests.

In addition, to perform in Vietnam, overseas Vietnamese artists must have a license and the license is only valid for 6 months.

According to Decision 11/2013/QD-TTg, specimens and products made from white rhino, black rhinos, African elephants will be banned from export, import and trading from March 15. However, the specimens not for commercial purposes or are licensed for import by CITES before the effective date of this Decision shall be allowed to import.

The fee for inspection and supervision of animals, animal products for temporarily import for re-export and transit through the territory of Vietnam is VND65,000 dong/car/train/container, doubling the previous fee of VND31,500. This is the contents of Circular 11/2013/TT-BTC.

Also from March 15, under Decision 10/2013/QD-TTg, the allowance is 25% for the positions: Supervisor, Deputy Supervisor, Education Assistant and Captain at prisons (up by 15%). Other officers and soldiers working in prisons will enjoy the subsidy of 10% or 20%.

The pay for social insurance will increase from March 15, 2013.

From March 15, the healthcare cost will be approved by the Minister of Health for special and the first-level hospitals. The remaining hospitals will apply the price table stipulated by the local authorities.

From March 15, poor students, ethnic minority students will be provided with monthly food allowance that is equal to 40% of the minimum wage, equivalent to VND420.000 ($20) for no more than 9 months of a school year. In addition, for students who have to seek accommodation themselves, they will receive allowance of VND105.000/month under the Decision 12/2013/QD-TTg.

Individuals applying for Vietnamese nationality certification who live in the areas which do not have the Vietnamese representative will apply at the most convenient representative agencies under Circular 05/2013/TTLT-BTP-BNG-BCA.

The Ministry of Public Security has issued 20 sample documents related to the management of foreigners who enter, exit and live in Vietnam; 5 sample documents on the management of the Vietnamese residing abroad who want to register permanent residence in Vietnam; 4 sample documents on verification and reception of trafficked women and children from abroad; 3 sample documents on management of Vietnamese citizens who exit and enter the country. The sample documents are applied from March 20, under Circular 02/2013/TT-BCA.

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