Mar 31, 2013

Vietnam - Vietnam demands China to end sovereignty violation

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VietNamNet Bridge – Vietnam once again rejects the so-called Sansha City and requests China to end violations of its sovereignty, and take no action to impede the legal fishing activities of Vietnamese fishing boats and fishermen, a representative of the National Boundary Commission stated on March 19.

The official went on to say that Vietnam has sufficient legal and historic evidence affirming its sovereignty over Hoang Sa (Paracel) and Truong Sa (Spratly) archipelagoes in an action to protest a series of activities recently carried out by China in the two archipelagoes.

China recently approved the establishment of the “Sansha” radio-television and the “Sansha” satellite television station, dispatched a detachment of marine surveillance ships, including the Haijian 83 along with Haijian helicopter B-7103, Haijian 262 and Haijian 263 to patrol Vietnam’s Hoang Sa archipelago.

The Chinese side also drove away Vietnamese fishing boats No. QNg96417TS and QNg96382TS, which were conducting legal fishing activities in the area.

In the latest move, China sent a Fishery Resource and Environmental Science Survey Ship, Nan Feng, to the waters of Vietnam’s Truong Sa archipelago to investigate the area’s fishery resources.

The above-mentioned activities have violated Vietnam’s sovereignty, said the representative of Vietnam’s National Boundary Commission.

Source: Vietnam Plus

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