Apr 2, 2013

Philippines - 81% of Filipinos satisfied with life

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Despite the persistence of high poverty rates in the country, at least four in every five adult Filipinos, or 81 per cent, said they were satisfied with their life in December last year, a survey found.

Results of a Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey showed that those content with their life included 33 per cent who said they were “very satisfied” and 48 per cent who were “fairly satisfied”.

The survey, conducted on December 8 to 11, asked 1,200 adults nationwide the question, “On the whole, are you very satisfied, fairly satisfied, not very satisfied, or not at all satisfied with the life you are experiencing?”

Satisfaction with one’s life last December was an improvement over the levels in March last year, when 76 per cent said they were satisfied, consisting of 31 per cent who were “very satisfied” and 45 per cent who were “fairly satisfied”.

Only one in five Filipinos, or 20 per cent, five months ago were left wanting—down from 24 per cent in March 2012.

The SWS has conducted life satisfaction surveys 19 times since June 2002.

Record high
Under the Aquino administration, life satisfaction ratings hovered between 76 per cent and 86 per cent, the survey’s record high in December 2011.

The survey’s lowest life satisfaction rating was at 61 per cent in September 2002 and November 2003.

In the survey last December, life satisfaction was highest in Luzon outside Manila (84 per cent), followed by the Visayas (82 per cent), Metro Manila (82 per cent) and Mindanao (71 per cent).

By economic group, life satisfaction was highest among Class ABC (94 per cent), followed by Class D (82 per cent) and Class E (74 per cent).

Bullish on economy

Satisfaction was greater in urban areas (84 per cent) than in rural areas (78 per cent). It was also higher among those who finished college (88 per cent) than among elementary school and non-elementary school graduates (both at 76 per cent).

Satisfied Filipinos were also optimistic with their personal life and the economic outlook of the country in the next 12 months, according to SWS.

Forty-five per cent of those “very satisfied” were expecting a better life this year, compared with 35 per cent among those “fairly satisfied,” 33 per cent among those “not very satisfied” and 25 per cent of those “not at all satisfied”.

Those who were bullish on the economy included 40 per cent of those “very satisfied”, 30 per cent of those “fairly satisfied”, 29 per cent of those “not at all satisfied” and 25 per cent of those “not very satisfied”.

The survey has a margin of error of plus-or-minus 3 percentage points. — Inquirer Research

Philippine Daily Inquirer

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