Jun 28, 2014

Singapore - Over 30,000 get sneak preview into Sports Hub

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SINGAPORE: More than 30,000 people had a sneak preview of the Singapore Sports Hub’s facilities on the second day of its open house on Saturday.

They also tried out various Southeast Asian (SEA) Games sports with the national athletes.

The new 55,000-seater National Stadium is the centrepiece of the Sports Hub.

Even though visitors at the open house only had limited access to the stadium, it was enough to leave them in awe.

One Sports Hub visitor, Francis Kwan, said: "It's very impressive -- I think Singapore deserves this stadium for a long time, and it's the pride of Singapore.

“I understand a lot of effort has gone into this stadium, and that will surely promote good sports in Singapore."

Another visitor, Kenneth Woo, said: "It’s really huge, it's really different. Somehow, I think when I first came in, it has some flavour of the old stadium, like the walkway downstairs.

“But when I come up, it's something new. So, it's a combination of old and new."

At the Aquatic Centre, water polo enthusiasts were treated to demonstration matches.

Over at the indoor halls of the OCBC Arena, visitors pitted their skills against national shuttlers.

National athletes also gave the Sports Hub the thumbs up.

Silat World Champion 2012 from the Singapore Silat Team, Muhammad Shakir Juanda, said: "From my experience going for the SEA Games and other major championships, it's a really great structure, and I think Singapore will host a very good SEA Games next year."

Outside the stadium, members of the Singapore Slingers, a professional basketball team, also played 3-on-3 matches with the public.

Lim Teck Yin, CEO of Sport Singapore, said: "The opening of the Sports Hub has been long anticipated, and people have been clamouring to come here and have a feel of the place and have a look; and over the past two days what I've sensed is a great sense of pride, people are eager to come, people are eager to experience the Sports Hub."

Traffic conditions at the Sports Hub on Saturday were generally smooth despite several events being held at the same time there -- including the open house, the Singapore Chinese Orchestra and the K-pop group 2NE1's concert.

However, there were security personnel at the Sports Hub to direct traffic and maintain order.

The Sports Hub will also be taking the opportunity to test out its safety, security and crowd-control measures.

Free guided tours of the National Stadium will start in July.

The public can also use the sports facilities for free until the end of next month.

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