Jun 28, 2014

Thailand - Junta purges senior officials closed to previous govt

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The Junta Friday night issues an order to purge several senior government officials who were closed to the previous government.

These officials were earlier seconded to inactive posts at the PM's Office while officially retaining their old positions with other officials acting on their behalf.

The latest order removed them from their positions so that the acting officials could be their replacements officially.

The purged officials included Defence Ministry's permanent secretary Gen Niphat Thonglek, Attorney General Atthapol Yaisawang, Tarit Pengdith, chief of the Department of Special Investigation, PM's Office permanent secretary Thongtong Chandarangsu, and Thawee Sodsong, secretary general of the Southern Border Provinces Provincial Administrative Centre.

The order appointed Gen Surasak Kanchanarat as permanent secretary for Defence, Trakul Winijphak as the attorney general, ML Panadda Disakul as the PM's Office secretary general, and Chatchawal Suksomjit as the DSI director general.

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