Jul 21, 2014

Malaysia – Netizens in a rage over acts of desecration at crash site

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PETALING JAYA: News about acts of disrespect against victims of the downed Malaysia Airlines (MAS) Flight MH17 has sparked anger among Malaysians.

Many took to social media to voice their disgust over looting and the cavalier handling of the bodies.

Indai Sapit said on Facebook: “They are not human beings, even if they are not under Ukraine they cannot govern themselves because they are like gangsters.”

“They have shown no remorse! Murderers, looters, thieves and barbarians who have no respect for the 298 souls on MH17,” added Chandrra Vejayan on Facebook.

Similar views were shared by another Facebook user, Kotambunan Esthy, who called on the Malaysian Government and the Asean governments to deploy their armed forces to secure the site where the plane went down.

“The crash site should be secured by Malaysian and Indonesian special forces with the support of all Asean members.

“Russia will listen (more) to Asean than to Western Europe,” claimed Kotambunan.

Another Facebook user, Jenny May Sia, said: “Leave aside political issue. I do not care which side of political party you are in but our heart is still with the victims and family.

“Do not add salt in the wound. Respect! Show some compassion, feel their pain.”

Another Facebook user, KS Nizam, questioned: “Why us?”

Sati Panna said the loss was not only to the families and friends of the victims, but also to the country and world in general.

“It is a loss to Malaysia, the world and every human being that believes in humanity and knows what it feels to love and be loved,” she wrote.

“Our prayers are with the families, please know that you are not alone. The whole world is with you in hearts and spirits every step of the way.”

Dilina Kamaruddin commented on the unity that the tragedy brought to the international community, saying that it was heartwarming to see beautiful pictures of caring people laying bouquet of flowers for the victims.

“I really hope those nasty rebels have access to the Internet to see how the whole world is mourning, and at least have a heart to have some sort of empathy and compassion for the victims of this unfortunate and unspeakable tragedy,” she said.

Facebook user Marcel Pillai said: “They are very heartless & cruel, can’t find worst words to describe this no fear for God’s people.”

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