May 21, 2015

Myanmar - Medics upgrade to meet Asean standards

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Medical universities are upgrading their curriculum to ensure their graduates are capable of performing services throughout the Asean region.

Starting in April, the universities have fallen under the supervision of the Education Ministry. They are granted the power to write their own charters to ensure independent management.

Professor Chit Soe, dean of the University of Medicine 2, Yangon, said: "Medical universities can now focus on their progress, upgrades and the international recognition of graduates. The universities welcome up to 300 enrolments a year. We can focus more on quality rather than quantity, to produce better-qualified doctors in the long-run."

The universities are planning to upgrade the theory and practice of their studies to keep pace with the learning and teaching methods throughout Asean. They will also upgrade post-graduate diploma courses.

After becoming a member of Asean University Network, Myanmar graduates will have the opportunity to work in other member states.

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