Apr 22, 2012

Vietnam - Fake virginity for sale

VietNamNet Bridge – Small ads offering virginity have become quite popular on the Internet recently.

“I’m a student of a university in Saigon. I need to sell my virginity at the price of VND25 million ($1,200) to have funding for my mother’s operation.” This is a small ad on several websites.

“I want a man who is proper, good-mannered man and does not contract social diseases. I live with my friends so please send texts to me.”

A correspondent called her number and a man answered the phone. He said that this girl boarded at his house. She was very poor and did not have a cell phone so she had to use his number.

This is another advertisement. “I cannot afford to pay school fees, accommodation, traveling, etc. I have only one way – selling my virginity. I sell it at the cost of VND20 million (around $1,000). Call me or email me if you are serious.”

Calling to the number in the small ads, one girl said: “My name is Phuong Thao. My life is very painful! My family used to be well off but since my father had a concubine, he has neglected his business. My mother has not wanted to lose her husband so she has sought every way to take him back. My family has gone bankrupt because of my father’s affairs.”

 “It hurts to do this dishonored thing so please do not bargain with me. If you agree to buy my virginity, I would like to have some money paid in advance to pay accommodation charges, my debts and my school fees,” the girl suggested.

When the correspondent offered VND12 million ($600), the girl entreated: “VND15 million please! Let’s think about it, it is very cheap! I’m stuck so I sell at that price!”

Reading small ads like these, many generous people were willing to help pitiable girls to overcome their circumstances without having to sell their virginity.

Mr. Cao Phong, from District 1, HCM City, says that after reading a similar small advertisement that he believed to come from a piteous girl, he wanted to assist the girl.

He called and sent text to make an appointment with the girl at a coffee shop near the Con Rua (Turtle) Lake in District 3.

But he and his friend immediately knew that they were cheated when they firstly saw the “pitiful student.” The girl skillfully played a poor, pitiable girl who was self-respecting but had to sell her virginity because she was at her impasse, but some details revealed herself as a “play girl.”

Mr. Phong analyzed: “That coffee shop is the venue of well-to-do people. A poor student made an appointment at such a café shows that she is not poor as she described herself.”

The girl asked Phong to pay 20 percent of the total money (VND20 million) in advance. She would go to a hotel and text Phong the address. After the transaction, Phong would pay her the remaining money.

“She called herself a poor and well-bred girl but she was very professional in making a deal with me. I was so afraid to seek to withdraw,” the man says.

However, many people were trapped by these girls, who are not poor girls as they introduced, but prostitutes or play girls.

Doctor Truong The Dung, leader of Niem Tin, a voluntary group to help disadvantaged people in HCM City says that his group took initiative in seeing several girls who posted virginity-selling advertisements on the Internet, but all of the cases are dubious.

According to doctors, fake hymens are offered for sale everywhere, priced of less that VND100,000/product ($5). Any girl can become virgins for tens of times.


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