Oct 29, 2012

Vietnam - Korean smart phones favored in Vietnam

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VietNamNet Bridge – Reasonable prices, strong configuration, fitted with sufficient features and high quality have all successfully persuaded Vietnamese people to choose South Korean smart phones designed for domestic consumption.

South Korean smart phones have become the choice for many young people, who have joined the so called “South Korean smart phone movement” in Vietnam.

The movement has been booming over the last year, following the “Japanese phone tendency” which broke out in Vietnam many years ago.

The new movement has led to the establishment of a series of shops specializing in distributing South Korean products in Hanoi and HCM City. South Korean products have also been advertised on websites or online forums.

Observers have noted that the South Korean smart phone community in Vietnam has been developing rapidly. A lot of the members of the community have been trying to Vietnamize the software, initially designed for South Korean users, or fabricate ROMs for the products.

Reasonable prices and high quality are the most convincing reasons for customers to choose South Korean products.

Also running on Android operation system and having duo core chip or 8 megapixel camera like Galaxy S II, but Sky IM-A820 is just priced at 5 million dong, just a half of Galaxy S II.

An Optimus Tag manufactured by LG is priced less than five million dong, but it still has duo core chip, 4.3 inch screen, Android operation system and integrated NFC.

Quang Muon, the owner of a shop specializing in distributing South Korean on Truong Chinh road in Hanoi, said the products have good prices, while price discounts have been offered to network operators.

Muon also said that unlike Japanese products, South Korean mobile phones are not locked, or they are locked but can be easily unlocked. Therefore, customers would not have to spend additional fees for the products, except the shipping fee.

In general, Japanese smart phones have high sale prices, while South Korean smart phones have more reasonable prices. Popular products including Sky A760, A800 hay LG Optimus Tag are selling at 3-5 million dong. Those, who want higher quality products, would choose LG Optimus LTE2, Samsung Galaxy R Style or Sky A830, A840. The most expensive products have the prices of less than 12, 13 million dong.

Also according to Muon, Sky (Pantech) proves to be the brand which has the best prices, and therefore, they have been most favored by Vietnamese. It’s quite a surprise that the products of well known brands like Samsung or LG are not the favorite.

Those, who are the fans of South Korean phones, could be students, new smart phone players, high technology product players or experienced users.

South Korean mobile phones attract Vietnamese users also because of the features or configurations which are believed to be even better than that designed for international versions.

Cong Tam in Cau Giay district in Hanoi said he has bought a brand new Sky A840 at 9 million dong, a reasonable price, and he has very satisfactory with his purchase.

However, Tam said, players would bear some inconvenience when using South Korean products designed for vernacular users, because the products have been installed with the software products only suitable to South Korean users.

Meanwhile, a friend of Tam’s complained that a South Korean smart phone cannot show the real upper class of the owners. In Vietnam, the products may be mistaken as Chinese cheap products, because Sky brand has not been well known in Vietnam.

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